Burning Spear advances The Florida State University as a leading institution of higher education by promoting and supporting outstanding members of the University community and strengthening campus traditions. The organization is a not for profit corporation comprised of a diverse group of current and former student leaders.

Burning Spear offers The Florida State University the support of current students and highly engaged alumni who actively participate in advancing University goals and helping others do the same. Initially founded by a group of three student leaders that wanted to support Charlie Ward for the Heisman, this corporation now boasts well over 300 members in its third decade and hosts a preeminent Homecoming Clock & Seal tradition that recognizes esteemed FSU graduates, administration, staff, student leaders and organizations. Moreover, other Burning Spear activities including the FSU Spirit Drum, the Guardian of the Flame Award and numerous Heisman campaigns, have established recognizable traditions at FSU that engage the University community in celebrating FSU’s accomplishments and laying a foundation for its future

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Chartered in August of 1993


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